821 milliion people do not receive enough nutrition to lead an active, healthy life. On Sunday, December 30th we will gather at 9:30am for a short worship service then join together to package meals 10am-noon. Our initial goal is to have 200 volunteers here to package 50,000 meals, which requires $14,000, but we hope, like Advent Conspiracy 2017, we will far exceed that goald.
Go to Providence UMC Rise Against Hunger to sign up to help with the packaging event. 
Watch here to learn more about Rise Against Hunger
Watch here to learn more about Advent Conspiracy-coming soon!

A generous man will himself be blessed for he shares
his food with the poor. Proverbs 22:9

Wells of Living Water

For Advent Conspiracy 2017, we committed together to spend less & give more so we could raise funds to dig wells in Africa through Water4. This organization empowers villagers by teaching them to dig wells themselves & how to fix wells if they break, to start businesses & become self-sufficient. Children who do not have to walk for water can go to school, water-borne illness is prevented, families grow crops to feed their families & sell extra food for income when they have water for irrigation. Through Advent Conspiracy, the church family committed to worship fully, spend less, give more & love all: over $127,000 was raised to dig wells!