Student Ministry

 For info about all Student Ministries classes and events, contact
Student Ministry Director Adam Love 270-805-1003  

Sunday Morning Small Groups

High school & middle school classes meet at 9:30 & 11am. Taught by adult volunteers, this is a great small group learning environment where we dive deeper into the Bible and how it relates to the context of our current world. All classes meet in the E-modular. 
 6th-12th grade students gather for food & fellowship, followed by small group time or a fun event.  Sundays 5-7pm, August 19 & 26
Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm
Starts August 29th

Today’s teenagers face so many temptations, so many opportunities, so many possible ways to follow the road to future success – and just as many possible ways to derail those plans by messing up. True accountability opens the door to experiencing life with the knowledge that someone is backing you up, no matter what. It’s a lifestyle that will inevitably deepen young people as individuals and as followers of Christ. Because they aren’t hiding anything, they don’t have to look over their shoulder in worry. And they can pursue the path toward living a full and satisfying life into and through adulthood. Adam Love

Starts August 29th

A lot of studies focus on Jesus’ words—the red letters of Scripture. But what would it look like if we focused on his actions—the black letters? These lessons are drawn from the life of the one who became flesh and lived among his creation. Adam Love