The Power of Touch

This year we are engaging the needs in our community in ways that really matter; we are letting people know without a doubt that Providence loves and cares for its neighbors. The goal is for each of us to reach out and serve three ministries in our community between May and November–that’s only three acts of service in 6 months. We have provided information on opportunities with our Mission partners but if you find a need in our community that you can fill, don’t be limited by the list… simply touch the life of someone in need and let them know Providence Church loves them! 
In order to make efforts measurable we have a 500-piece puzzle; each time you touch or serve a ministry, you initial a piece of the puzzle. If you’ve ever put a puzzle together, you know that every single piece matters. It’s going to take all of us touching lives in our community to complete the puzzle so…whose life are you going to touch with the love of Jesus?



Exciting progress is being made in Griffin, so plan to be a part of of the home builds this summer! SFM homes are “a hand up, not a hand out,” because qualified homeowners: participate in building their home; have a steady job history and the ability to pay a zero-interest mortgage, taxes and insurance on their home; build equity which can help break the cycle of poverty; provide a safe, stable home environment for their family; develop pride of ownership which lifts up the entire neighborhood. More info? Square Foot Ministry or Jeff Williams

We send home food each weekend during the school year so students who receive breakfast and lunch do not go hungry over the weekend. Food needed each week; bring to plastic box on the bench by the back doors of the main building: Pancake mix & Syrup; Small Canisters of Grits & Oatmeal; Packets of Rice/Pasta/Potatoes; Peanut Butter & Jelly in plastic jars; Pasta; Canned or Plastic Pasta Sauce; Granola Bars; Individual packs of crackers

Providence helps fill the food pantry year round, but makes a concentrated effort in August & February. Needed items: Canned Beef Stew; Boxed Mac & Cheese; Canned Pasta Sauce; Dry Spaghetti; Canned Pastas; Instant Mashed Potatoes ; Peanut Butter & Jelly; Pancake Mix  & Syrup; Cornbread Mix; CerealsFor the Clothes Closet: Women’s underwear sizes 8-10 & Men’s underwear size S & M
Please bring donations to the Missions Box by the back doors of the main building.