Adult Mission

3 Families/3 Homes!

Square Foot Ministry provides an opportunity of home ownership to families that would never have the chance in the traditional market. Our volunteers provide the labor and financial support to construct these homes at the lowest cost we can achieve. The families approved for the homes provide “sweat-equity” during the construction and a small down payment. Square Foot Ministry provides a 0% mortgage to the home owners and holds that mortgage.

This process provides a safe, secure and loving environment for the family, which studies show helps children perform better in school. A SFM homeowner’s daughter just graduated from high school with honors and is in a college nursing program. Another homeowner’s son is a high school senior in the National Honors Program and has already obtained a scholarship from Morehouse College.

Just as Christ’s love TRANSFORMS us, your time and financial support provides faith, love and hope that will TRANSFORM this community and these families. Info? Jeff Williams

Thank you so much to all who helped build three
Square Foot Ministry homes in 2019!

Providence helps fill the food pantry year round, but makes a concentrated effort in August & February. Needed items: Canned Beef Stew; Boxed Mac & Cheese; Canned Pasta Sauce; Dry Spaghetti; Canned Pastas; Instant Mashed Potatoes ; Peanut Butter & Jelly; Pancake Mix  & Syrup; Cornbread Mix; CerealsFor the Clothes Closet: Women’s underwear sizes 8-10 & Men’s
underwear size S & M
Please bring donations to the Missions Box by the back doors of the main building.